Moving To A New Home? Don’t Forget To Get Locksmith Services

Moving to a new home is often a tiresome yet enthralling experience. It is not the getting settled part that is fun but the period right after. It stands to reason that a great source of comfort would be; knowing your home is safe. The knowledge that you and your family are the only ones who can enter as you please is one of the things that helps make a house a home! Though this is a lovely thought, crime statistics seem to suggest otherwise.


Though getting your residence re-keyed on a regular basis by a local professional locksmith is crucial, it is not half as necessary as when you move to a new place. Here’s why:

Old Home Owners

The people you bought your property from might still have the keys. Sure they seemed nice enough when you bought the place but who is to say? You don’t want to be on the receiving end of something unpleasant in case the person who sold you your house turns out to be someone malicious!

Keys Get Lost

Whether you purchased the home from an owner directly or through a realtor, keys get lost! If the realtor or previous homeowner has lost a set of keys, the likelihood is you will know nothing of it. Lost keys can be picked up and used by anyone. If they figure out the keys are for your place, you have had it!

Empty houses get broken in to

Hoodlums and all sorts of unsavory characters tend to look for old homes. They used these as drug dens or places to crash when they are empty. They usually figure out ways to trip old locks. You would not want a surprise intoxicated visitor walk in through the back door in the middle of family dinner would you?

Old locks give

Old locks are problematic for two reasons. One; they can be picked and broken. Two; they get stuck. If you don’t plan on getting locked out of your new home or worse, have someone break in with minimal effort, get those locks changed!

They haven’t been changed in a while

You do not know when the last lock change was performed in your new home. Whether the house has been lived in or not, it is smart and safe to have a full lock change the minute you move in!


Getting the locks replaced in your new home is not an option. It is imperative. If you want to keep yourself your loved ones and your valuables safe, don’t waste time getting those locks changed. If you are looking for residential and commercial locksmiths in Reno, see what we can do for you! If you have questions, get in touch! It’s our job to keep your homes secure!

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